How to Prepare Beer at Home

Have you ever wanted to know how to prepare beer at home? It is the chance to make one. Follow the instructions, and you will come up with the best homemade beer of all times. You can turn the brewing of beer as your hobby. The process of brewing the beer is not expensive, but it is fun. Below is a procedure for making beer.
Equipment Needed
When brewing the beer, there is specific equipment that is used. Below is a quick summary of what you will require in the process:

A Large pot of at least three gallons in size.
Airtight fermenting bucket.
Bottle filler-Should fit at the end of the syphon tubing.
Bottle brush- should be a small one that will fit in the bottles when cleaning them.
Thermometer- a floating thermometer that has a range of 0 up to 1oo degrees
Airlock and a stopper- the right size that will fit the fermenter opening.
Bottle cappers- hand driver campers that will fit the bottle.
Bottle caps- you need new bottle caps that are sold at the shops.
Sanitising Solution- Beer is very prone to infections of different kinds. All the equipment used should be well sanitised.
Tubing and a clamp- To bottle and siphon the beer.
Bottles-Use the high-quality bottles that will require a bottle opener.

Ingredients Needed
Unhopped pale malt extract-The extract mostly comes with cans that are 3Ibs. It provides the sweet base that yeast will feed to make the alcohol.

Priming sugar-This the corn sugar that is readily available in the brew stores.
East Kent Goldings hops- This will add the bitterness to the beer.
Wyeast American Ale liquid yeast-This ingredient will give the beer its high quality.

Brewing Process
Brew the beer
Use the pale malt and the hops and boil them together in water for an hour. The hops will release the bitterness quality. Grains are steeped in for the additional colour and the flavour of the beer.
Cooling and Fermenting
The hot water known as the wort is cooled and siphoned to the fermenter. Once the temperature drops yeast is added to start the fermentation. The airlock is used in the fermented. It is left to ferment for one to two weeks.
Priming and Bottling
One it is fermented. It is siphon to another container and ready to be bottled. Sugar is mixed with the beer, and the beer siphoned again in the bottle and each bottle capped.
Once the beer is bottled and capped it is needed to age for 2 to 6 weeks. During the ageing time, the yeast will ferment the sugar hence creating carbon dioxide in the bottle. It can take months before reaching the peak level of the flavour.
After the beer has aged properly, it is now ready to drink and enjoy. The homemade beer is drinkable after one month. You will have a very real time.


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