Jewelry making has greatly benefitted from the advancements made in plasma cutting technology, allowing professionals and enthusiasts alike to take advantage of portable plasma cutters that can fit nearly any budget. Available in a multitude of sizes and shapes, the current models of plasma cutters are more affordable and have been manufactured to assist DIYers, artists and hobbyists with their cutting needs. Plasma cutting machines cut through different types of metal using plasma, an intensely heated ionized gas. These machines can cut various shapes and designs to create metal art, cut rough sheets of metal, and are highly valued on construction sites. These days, plasma cutting machines are the go-to method because of their reduced costs and the quality of the cut they produce.


There are several factors that go into determining the quality and effectiveness of a plasma cutting machine and should be adhered to before a purchase. Plasma cutters may or may not have an inverter, which can dramatically change the price. Power specs also must be taken into consideration depending on the speed and precision of the cuts you desire. Plasma cutters that offer dual voltage offer more capabilities but are costlier. The following list is comprised of the plasma cutting machines that are the best available on the market today for cutting jewelry and more.


Lotos LTP5000D

Besides being one of the most affordable plasma cutters available on the market today, the Lotos LTP5000D boasts quality, precise cuts and is easy to use. These qualities make it perfect for hobbyists and for minimal cutting as it is lightweight, portable, and has small dimensions. During testing, the Lotos LTP5000D performed admirably, easily cutting stainless steel, alloy steel, aluminum, copper, and more. It also comes equipped with a pilot arc, enabling the machine to cut through rusted materials with ease. The Lotos LTP5000D also is able to smoothly cut thin metals as well as thicker metals, thanks to its advanced MOSFET transistor inverter technology. One disadvantage to this cutter is that there is 110-volt pigtail available and it must be purchased separately. In terms of value and power, however, the LTP5000D is definitely one of the best plasma cutters on the market and offers more versatility than most cutters today. For more information on this plasma cutter and others, reviews can be found on this page.


Lotos LT5000D

Offering arguably the best value of any machine on the market today, another Lotos product, the LT5000D, makes an excellent plasma cutter for DIYers and light welding tasks. With a dual-voltage unit that sets up easily, it is able to cut through nearly any metal, making it a handy option. Another advantage to the Lotos LT5000D is its portability, ruggedness, and lightweight, making it ideal for work under harsher climates or locales. Consumables tended to last longer with this machine, making it an efficient cost saver compared to other machines. Where the Lotos LT5000D receives lower marks is with the issue of power plugs which must be purchased separately, and the absence of a pilot arc, which means painted metals won’t fare as well. The Lotos LT5000D is definitely a cost-effective option for plasma cutters available on the market currently and a nearly perfect match for hobbyists and DIYers.


Ramsond CUT 50DY

In terms of sheer quality, one of the best plasma cutters around is the Ramsond CUT 50DY. Whether cutting through copper, brass, alloy steel, carbon steel, stainless steel, aluminum plate and more, it was able to cut smoothly through them all easily. The Ramsond CUT 50DY is not only a great option for the hobbyist and DIYer, but it is a plasma cutting machine that professionals also utilize for industrial projects. Boasting a 1” severance thickness and ¾” cutting thickness, the Ramsond CUT 50DY is capable of cutting through thicker materials handily, and it also has a built-in air pressure gauge as well as digital display. One downside to the Ramsond CUT 50DY is that the ceramic consumables mandate changing them out once in awhile. The power that this plasma cutting machine offers, however, is beyond what other brands offer, making it an exceptional product for any project. There is a wealth of information on the best plasma cutters for beginners that can be found on several sites.